pessimistic, idealistic, realistic

often times people point to what’s realistic as a basis to counterattack idealist ideas.

the problem with the notion of ‘realistic’ is that it’s inaccurately defined. life is not realistic. By any definition ‘realistic,’ life itself is a miracle.

we all live in our own worlds. you and everyone you know would, while reading these words, experience different visceral responses to them.

we create these worlds of ours by seeing what we look for in the objective, physical world — by projecting our expectations and preconceived notions of what’s what. (and we are what we see in the world, not what we see in the mirror.) Both limitations and possibilities, if we see them, truly are there. so in that sense, pessimism and idealism — as well as every other ism — are in fact realistic.

realistic is relative to our own worlds.

choose wisely.


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