leading by example

Google is set to be powered solely by renewable energy in 2017. Elon Musk made the blueprint to a powerful, beautiful, fully electric car, and gave it away to his ‘competition’ for free. My amazing friend Osa captivates everyone he interacts with because everything about him is in agreement with his words–he does what he says and he means what he does.

I never understood why my college pushed health consciousness as an agenda, yet never had anything but sugary drinks and snacks in its vending machines. I never understood why my father constantly tells me to never smoke cigarettes, yet he smokes himself. and i never understood why politicians scold minorities for destroying their communities when that’s the one of the only times they ever pay attention to said communities.

leading by example is the right, not easy thing to do. It’s also the more influential and more effective way to lead.

but it takes bravery.

if my father was brave, and backed his advice with quitting, i would buy into it a hell of a lot more. If my college was brave, and backed its advice with healthy alternatives, i would’ve bought into it a hell of a lot more. and yes, if politicians were brave, and backed their words with policy, said communities would buy into it a hell of a lot more.

the power of leading by example is not in the action itself, but in the message that the action inevitably communicates. It tells people that you believe in your message, that you’re coming from a place of authenticity, and that you’re committed to the realization of your message.

thank you Google, thank you Elon Musk, and thank you Osa.

Dad, UCSB, Politicians, I hear you, and i believe in you, but I don’t believe you–yet.


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