This is not America

I’ve never felt more compelled to write something; I’ve never had this much trouble writing anything.

America is where I made my first friend. America is where I met my first love. Both of whom are children of immigrants, myself included.

My mother and my sister are refugees who escaped the war in Lebanon. Both are green card holders who’ve been living in America for over 20 years. Together they’ve built a utopia for hundreds of children in the form of a home daycare, right here in California.

Having to tell my mom of the executive action that donald signed into law hurt my soul. The idea that she would have to even think twice about visiting her parents for fear of not being able to come back home is incomprehensible.

That this poor excuse for a human being can become the leader of one of the strongest governments in the world is also incomprehensible. I know 5 year olds with more compassion, empathy, heart and wisdom than this guy.

And I know that this is a dark hour. And I know that America is so much better than this.

And I know that the future is bright. If not because of the millions of people across the world standing up for love, and for acceptance, and for peace and positivity– because of time spent, and conversations had with some of my best friends: the children at my mother’s daycare.

Children are wise. They’re closer to their inherent genius. Children are brave. They stand up for what they believe in without fear of being judged. And children are full of love. They don’t know hate, they haven’t been introduced to it yet.

They – Children – are the future, and I trust them with it– so long as we play our part.

Our response to donald and his regime is so much more than what it is. Yes, it is imperative we resist such ugly ideologies, as if our lives depend on it, because they do.

But it is also imperative that we set the right example for the millions of children all around the world who are taking note of how we choose to respond to such hatefulness. Because, children are also sponges– they absorb, and ultimately become what they see as they figure out how to navigate this space in time we call life.

This very moment is shaping the worldview and future actions of millions of children.

And whether or not we choose to participate in the resistance, whether or not we choose to speak up for what’s right, whether or not we choose to put our ‘cool’ on the line– is going to invariably set a precedent for how the younger people in our lives will choose to respond to similar situations in the future.

We have a duty to the human race, and especially to our younger brothers and sisters, to fight this hate with an abundance of love. To stand up for love. To spread love so FUCKING hard and so FUCKING often that people with hate in their heart don’t know what the fuck to do.  And to stand up for the beautiful utopia of one human race living in perfect harmony that I know we will one day reach.


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