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why i love the rain

in high school i fractured my neck playing football.

I spent the next 6 months mildly to severely depressed. that, and i was hyper introspective. a doctor had just told me i was supposed to be dead. and looking back on those 6 months, i didn’t feel much alive at all.

I didn’t talk much-i spent 90% of my time in solitude. i didn’t do much-i spent all of my free time sitting alone, usually in deep thought.

I didn’t know it then, but i was in a rut. and more specifically, i was in a rut because i wasn’t embracing my yin.

but that was before the real rain came.

I remember very distinctly the day i had a very visceral paradigm shift. one that made me love the rain.

class had ended and i had to walk home, as my newly-fused neck could not yet handle the bumps of a car ride.

but it was pouring rain.

but i didn’t have the same inherent reaction that i normally had to rain-to stay out of it. instead, i was awestruck by it. I felt an innate connection to it. I stepped outside and just stood there.

and i felt so alive.

and i looked around at my classmates after standing there for a few minutes listening to music in my headphones and realized that they were missing out. that they were letting the hassle of being wet get in the way from this amazing, unexplainable feeling of being completely at one with the yin of nature.

and from that day on I’ve looked forward to the rain. I’ve looked forward to getting soaked by mother nature. I’ve looked forward to being drenched in her love and beauty. and to this day i feel a special sense of connectedness with the world around me on rainy days.

[so i was really happy when i heard Joshua Waitzkin say on Tim Ferriss’ podcast that, when it rains, instead of telling his son that it’s an ugly day like many do, he instead says “look how beautiful it is today!”– and they go out and play in the rain.]

just like we shouldn’t judge the weather, we shouldn’t judge life and it’s ups & downs. it’s all an experience. our job is to embrace it all equally.

rain, sunshine, happiness, sadness, fear, depression and anger are all equally valid, equally important, and should be equally embraced.

and rain helped teach me that.

and that is why i love the rain.